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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Holidays, The Benefits of Giving Back

With the holiday season upon us as well as the shopping season it is important for us and corporations to give back.  While for us that might mean one less present for the person who would receive it might mean getting a present.  Its a small sacrifice for many of us who are fortunate this season and such a huge impact on those who aren't.  You can always give back, not just during the holidays and the rewards are still plentiful.

What one person can do
A single individual can make a large impact this holiday season by giving a little bit, whether it is time, money, new/ used items you have no use for.  You can go ring a bell for the Salvation Army or volunteer for one of many different charities.  Right now there are numerous Toys for Tots toy drives and other charitable drives going on that are easy and convenient to donate to.  During this season one person can make a difference and a group can make an impact.

What a small business can do
A business also has the ability to give back.  Your place of business can be a drop off location for a toy or food.  You can have your own toy or food drive and allow your customers to give back as well.  The business can donate a percent of sales on a day to charity.  Or like Milwaukee's AJ Bombers which has a local "celebrity" bar tender every Friday night where that individual receives tips that go toward a charity of their choice.  This is a great way to give back to the community.  Another great example of always giving back is Teecycle.  One dollar of every shirt sold goes towards restoring urban rivers and trails.  I encourage all my readers to look into Teecycle and buy a shirt or 10.

What large corporations can do
Continue to give to charities and back to the community.  Most if not all corporations have a few charities they donate to and ways they contribute to community development. Some companies choose to publicize there donations while others keep silent.  I am fine with either approach, if you donate to charities your consumers could and should be aware of that.

The Benefits of Giving Back

Do you intend to give back this holiday season?  How do you give back?  Any other benefits of giving back you would add? 

Photo Credit to Atran.Photography

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