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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sometimes You Just Have to Take a Break

It has been a while, a long while since I wrote a post or even visited this blog.  I was taking a break, one that was only suppose to be a few weeks that turned into a few months and well...  But I am back now rested and refreshed and with a notebook full of ideas for blog posts.  

I just did not feel like blogging and was struggling to write something that I felt was quality and awesome enough for people to enjoy or learn from.  What started as a I will only hit the snooze button one time than I will get up turned into a hit the snooze button four more times then turn off the alarm.  I hate when that happens but am working on improving on that so it won't happen again as much.  

A break is a good thing it lets you get some rest and come back fresh and ready to go.  Whether the break is from a level in Angry Birds or from a current project being able to set it down.  If you planned enough time you will able to come back tomorrow with a new approach and new ideas.  For me, I did this a lot in college mostly when I was studying architecture and had models to build.  Instead of constantly having to pull all-nighters I would do some work each day and allow myself to have enough time to come back in the morning. When I did that I would always have better results and feel better about my work than the few times I had to work on the model for 20+ hours straight.  I also need to take a break after I read for a while, after about an hour I stop absorbing the information and start wandering.  I found what works for me and stick to it.  

Do you include time in your life for breaks?
What do you take a break from?

Photo Credit to: HikingArtist