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Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Need To Prioritize

Different people have different priorities, for me my current priority is working as much as I can whenever I can while I still can.  If you noticed I have not written a blog post in a while.  The reason is that writing a blog post is low on my list of things to do.  I am not a professional blogger nor do I have a large following, this blog is just that a blog.  Because of that if I don't feel I have the time to blog I don't force and make the time to write.  So despite my plans in My Promise to Myself I have not blogged every Sunday.  I was even debating posting this immediately but decided to wait until Sunday.  With much less free time and increase of workload I have to prioritize how I use my remaining time.

I ask myself what do I have to do?  Or what can wait?  Pretty much the only of live television I watch is sports on the weekend.  For me television can wait so can many of my other activities.  Much like Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs I do what needs to be done first now and depending on time I will do as much as I can.  I still take the time to read marketing articles and blogs daily to continually improve myself.  What I have cut back on is my Twitter activity and reading updates from a select few instead of all.   I also cut back on my running, but more of that is due to the cold instead of the lack of time.

It is all about what is important to me.  If I had the time I would do much much more.  With the limited time I prioritize my daily activities.  I do not have nor do I follow a schedule aside from when I work.  I find that usually working off a schedule constricts me and doesn't allow me to dive into what activity I might be doing.  I choose to do something that needs to be done and work on it until it is finished despite how long it will take.  Sometimes I am unable to do this because of a lack of time, when that happens I stop and move onto what else needs to be done and multi-task.  That new activity takes priority over the task I was doing.

So that is why I have not been blogging or on Twitter as much.

What activities have priority with your time?  Do you have or use a schedule?  


  1. Nice post Ray, Setting priorities while hard is also the key to success.

  2. Thanks Jim,
    Success is one of those priorities. Sacrifices while a pain and unpleasant are a necessity.