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Sunday, April 3, 2011

An Example of the Importance of Timing

With the current internet meme of Rebecca Black's Friday YouTube video staying popular and finally starting to peak as it is reaching maximum market saturation.  All memes have a life cycle similar to a product life cycle. Like most internet memes when something new comes focus transfers from this meme to the new thing, as described in Brand Value - It Changes with the Tide post. The remixes, parodies, and covers are still being introduced on YouTube.  With the videos starting to die down in popular as this meme comes to an end it is being revived.  Both by FunnyorDie's April Fool's Day gimmick of turning it into Friday or Die and by Jimmy Fallon with the help of Stephen Colbert, The Roots, and Taylor Hicks.  Extending the life cycle long enough for this to be in my opinion awesome.

YouTube Videos keep on being removes you can see just the video here or the full story and more videos on the Late Night With Jimmy Fallon Blog.

Why this is better and being blogged about is more about the back story of how this happened because over $26,000 was raised for charity.    They timed the release on the end of the Memes life cycle more likely because of scheduling.  Luckily Rebecca's Black Friday is still popular and being consumed by the masses so this video has an additional audience.  In addition to being part of Friday's episode of Late Night With Jimmy Fallon with Stephen Colbert both things would gather a large audience to consume this media.

So if this video was made in a month would it be as popular?  Doubtful because it is likely that the "Friday" meme would be over.  It would still be popular because of who is doing it, Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Fallon.  The added views and popularity of the timing would help this get more views, attention, and word of mouth than being released to some other meme or at another time.

Added bonus get your QR reader out at 3:47 for another special bonus message.
Spoiler for those who can not read it, it takes you to a bonus thank you video you can see here.

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Do you think the timing of this video will help?  How so and by how much?  Does what the video is of help it, if they sung a different song would it be as popular?  Anything you would like to add?

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