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Friday, March 26, 2010

Another Year Older

Well its that day again... I am another year older and another year whats that word.... drunker... no ... faster... nope.... stronger... I wish.... fatter... hey you put on a few too!!!.... well anyways this year I am going to do something I have not done before well not seriously and create a list of goals and work to achieve them this year.

Some goals I plan to achieve this year are
  • Write one main blog every Sunday
  • Start running and be able to do at least a half marathon by this time next year
  • Get promoted to Account Manager
  • Keep in touch with my friends and college buddies unlike high school where we just lost touch completely
  • Get a new Laptop
  • Get a new(er) car
  • Get a nicer apartment
Other things that would be nice but not expected
  • Go back to Milwaukee once every other week
  • Go on a vacation
  • Get to bed at a decent time and up as well... damn you snooze!!!
  • Perfect time travel and teleportation
  • Get cable/ G4 and an Xbox 360
Some things my mom would like me to do
  • Get a nice girlfriend (not even looking, sorry mom)
  • Call my mom and visit her at least once a week (maybe call)
  • Help my brother(s) get a job
Not sure how many will get done but will work on most of them, and my loyal and spiffy readers will help me keep on top of things, right?

What goals would you set for yourself? Can anyone get my brother(s) a job?? And how come I am not sleeping right now?

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