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Friday, March 26, 2010

A wonderful use of twitter

The American Cancer Society or one of their subgroups has a well working macro on Twitter, which many business should follow the example of. Instead of going out and searching for a business or even the business finding new customers, but having a macro searching out and finding a person who tweeted a set value of words.

I received this tweet from @bdayshoutout:
@Spiffster Happy birthday! Join the movement for more birthdays for all. Check us out at #bdayshoutout

In reply to this tweet
I ♥ my friends for all the happy birthday wishes Thanks

Not only does this require little effort but has great effects and can be used by business when someone is searching for a place to shop or somewhere to go out to eat.

Why do I think this is great?
Simple it was not one of those random spam @replies but rather it was sent specifically to me and others who met the macro criteria and while there is sure to be a margin of error and send to some of the wrong individuals for the most part it hits the intended audience who would be looking for advice or assistance.
Although a macro by itself would not suffice for businesses, they also have to engage and interact with the customers but something as simple as this would be a great start. For some great examples of using Twitter for business follow these 3 successful businesses on twitter, @blatzliquor , @streetzapizza , and @ajbombers

Do you agree that this is a good use of twitter? Do you think other businesses should use a macro to find new customers?

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