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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Marketing Idea: Adidas Campaign - Inspiration

This doesn't have to be for Adidas but can be for any of the shoe companies (Nike, Reebok, New Balance....)

There are so many great people who inspire us.
For me one of these people is Anne Munkwitz or as we may know her better as @bananza. She is the main reason I have begun running again *insert cheesy movie quote here* One of the greatest reasons she is an inspiration is her story.
Another great inspiration for me is Sarah Hagen and her story. For me it is about the triumph over the many hardships and coming out on top and being better because of it.

The Campaign
A series of commercials each spot lighting a different individual of inspiration, I have given two great examples but their are thousands more. The commercial shows what that individual has overcame and shows them running, or playing soccer, or some other activity with that companies (Adidas) shoes. To fully integrate this campaign there would also be a website where you can read and see that individuals full story and nominate another person to be a part of the inspiration campaign.

Additional Steps
For any campaign to be successful it needs follow through and complimenters. With the nominations of other individuals to be a part of the Inspiration Campaign the amount of new commercials and length of campaign can continue to evolve. Encompassing all forms of media the Inspiration Campaign can utilize social media, the internet, print, television, and word of mouth to reach a greater population. This campaign can be a stepping block for active communities, like Fit Milwaukee where the company can donate or sponsor the healthier and active lifestyle.

Why this would be successful
  • America loves stories of comebacks and inspiration.
  • The large amount of people who could be spot lighted for the campaign and the diversity among them.
  • The campaign contains real people that had real problems.
  • The cost of the campaign would be less expensive then current and past campaigns, no large budget productions or highly paid actor/athlete spokespersons.
Would these stories inspire you to go out and be more active? Who inspires you? Who would you like to see in the spot light as an inspiration? Why else would this be a success/ failure?

Also thank you Anne for being an inspiration in my life and motivating me to run again.

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