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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Promise to Myself

I have been neglecting this blog badly as of late and other blogs, still read my favorite few and what others linked on twitter.  This has to stop, today I went back into my Continual Education and have been watching the Inbound Marketing Summit today.  I have stopped well, slowed down, because with my new job I have less time to spend reading the latest news and posts or viewing webinars.  My current part time job is just that a job and I have stopped what I was doing before so I could get my perfect job and be ready for it, I was content.  That is until I got my paycheck and realized this would barely cover a car payment and that was the, pardon my language "shot in my ass" that I needed.  I am back on my proper path and determined once again.  What my new promise to myself includes

  • Continue to write blog posts - Personal posts such as this during the weekday when I have time and the drive AND a weekly marketing related post EVERY Sunday.  I will write that post in advance to post at 5 am each and every Sunday.
  • Get back to my old ways - Watch and participate in Webinars, Read and discuss marketing bogs, monitor my LinkedIn daily, continue to search and apply for jobs that suit me.
  • To remain hungry -  Keep my drive and intensity until I get my perfect job.
  • Determine what that perfect job would be, should have done this before but it keeps changing.
How you can help
Help me find my perfect job that is in marketing/ advertising (outside of sales, I can do sales but do not enjoy it).  I also understand that I may need to have that sales position so I can move horizontally in the company and am willing to do so.  Something that will let my creativity flourish, a copywriter, account executive are two examples of that.  Where I can utilize my current skills with Social Media.  Because of my limited experience it would have to be an entry level position.  Some of my areas of expertise and where I excel are: 
Advertising -  Consumer and B2B in Print, Social Media, Billboard, and Transit.  
Design - Branding and Identity.  
Promotions - Increasing Visibility, new product launches, Rebranding and new campaign launches.
Public Relations - Event Planning/ Management, Social Media
Planning - Strategic Development, Marketing Planning, Integrated Marketing Campaigns
I can do much more but that is where I am comfortable and have experience.  If you know of any jobs that would fit that please let me know you can email me at if you or your company has an opening or know of one please let me know.  

The other way you can help is by reminding me/ hassling me to make sure I wrote my weekly marketing blog.

Thank you

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